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Blue North relies on you. The success of our region’s entrepreneurs is directly reflective of the support we receive from leading companies, successful entrepreneurs, and others who have a vested interest in the success of our region’s entrepreneurial spirit. Check out ways you can get involved and help further the Blue North mission of making Northern Kentucky one of the best places in America to create, launch, and grow a business.

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We’re proud to support these entrepreneurs who are driving innovation and progress in our region. Read their stories below or continue scrolling to get involved in their journeys.

Looking to network and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs and small business owners to streamline success?

Ways You Can Get Involved


Are you ready to take the leap and bring your idea to life? Our team can help connect you with people, businesses, and resources that can help you realize your dream.


We pride ourselves on connecting our entrepreneurs with the local community. Become a mentor and help guide entrepreneurs to their dreams of starting a business by answering questions and sharing your experiences.


Support from our donors, sponsors, and partners helps enable members of our community to pursue entrepreneurship and turn their ideas into reality. Contact us to learn more about sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

Running a company can feel like navigating a storm on a high-speed roller coaster – it’s exciting, but it can sure be stressful. That’s where the Blue North Resilience Accelerator comes into play. Crafted by clinical psychologist, Dr. Lina Ehlinger, the Resilience Accelerator program is designed to address the unique mental health challenges faced by startup founders. The goal of the program is to help these entrepreneurs develop essential skills for dealing with the mental pressures of running a startup, including stress management, conflict resolution, and emotion regulation.

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