Obed Eugene Brings Wintro to NKY

Obed Eugene leaves San Francisco and settled in Northern Kentucky, bringing Wintro with him.

Obed Eugene founder of Wintro has lived in New York, D.C., and San Francisco but now is based in Northern Kentucky. Why make the move? According to Obed “For us, it’s been about being around mentors from the accelerator and made a lot of connections in the area.” He started his company, Wintro because he believes that the future of sales lies in consulting with customers instead of relying on cold calls. “We wanted to create something to get people involved in their networks.” “Here in Northern Kentucky, there’s a lot of organizations focused on building the ecosystem here. There’s a lot of support and a huge focus on helping companies thrive, get investors, and make connections.”

I see people here who have pride in developing their communities.
Obed Eugene